Friday, June 22, 2012

There is a lot not to like about living in the suburban Bay Area: the insane cost of living, the lack of really good public transit, rush hour, a lack of social cohesion (at least in my neck of the woods). On the other side of the ledger is...

The weather.

It is June 22.  In St. Petersburg, Florida, it is only 84.5, but it feels like it is ten degrees warmer because of the humidity. There is an 80% chance of thunderstorms today, and a better than 50% chance of thunderstorms for the next five days.  I love thunderstorms... occasionally.

In Atlanta, it is 90. In Boston, it is 94, with scattered thundershowers. All of this is quite normal for June in these places. Northern Virginia is not bad today: it's only 85, with thundershowers expected this evening.

Right this second outside my house  it is a clear 68.4 degrees (according to Weather Underground, the expected high is 72), with 56% humidity. There is a small breeze which feels quite nice. Over the next five days the highest temperature forecast is a whopping 73.

It is so easy to get spoiled, here. I just need to bookmark this post for the days coming in August and September when it gets up to 100 degrees and everybody is wilting.

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