Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hello folks, I would  like to introduce you to .... Georgia.  As in O'Keefe.

She is a lovely, brand new (as in picked up last night) MacBook Pro with a Intel Core i5 and running Snow Leopard.*  Her graphics are crisp, her keyboard action is lovely, and she is (in the words of the Sydney seagulls in Finding Nemo) mine..mine...mine...

Who knew that getting rear-ended could have such a pleasant fallout?  Not that I would recommend it as a matter of course...

I have been having some connectivity problems which may or may not continue.  I still have to get everything set up correctly.  All of this means:

Hopefully more writing.
I can finish setting up my spreadsheet which will allow me to set prices on the jewelry I hope to sell on Etsy before too long (I figure with ten necklaces and the same number of bracelets I have enough stock to at least get started).
Job searching should be easier.
I can return to hanging out at Starbucks, which, believe it or not, I find more productive than working at home.  (I do buy stuff, I promise.  I do not simply freeload.)

I currently have no access to the latest edition of MS Office, which means that I will need to download Open Office or some other open source software, or resort to using Google Docs.


*What the heck is Apple going to do when they run out of large cat names?

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